A Sandwich a Day: The Beastie at Now Make Me a Sandwich in Seattle, WA

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Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

The Beastie sandwich ($9) from Now Make Me a Sandwich appears to have eaten a cheesesteak for lunch. It's the only explanation for how it managed to cannibalize all the best features of a cheesesteak and transform them into such a quietly elegant sandwich. Coming out of a Viking-themed food truck is great justification for pillaging the grand ideas of other sandwiches, but such a neatly-composed sandwich hardly seems what Erik the Red ate as he crossed oceans.

Roast beef—or beastie, if you will—sandwiches are generally a cold delicacy, or, if served hot, require the addition of outside juices (or jus) to be edible. This is where the cheesesteak strategy comes into play. Now Make Me a Sandwich specializes in grilled sandwiches, and each part of this sandwich hits the grill, much like the Philadelphia classic. The thin-sliced beef is warmed on the grill, just barely charring the edges for a crisp treat. The onions and hot peppers are grilled and then tangled into a mess of melting Provolone cheese. The cheese is the glue (both literally and figuratively) that holds this sandwich together, keeping the meat and vegetables pleasantly tucked in the bread, and helping the roast beef retain its moisture. The telera roll (like what a Mexican torta often comes on) stands up to the heavy fillings, having been reinforced with its own trip to the grill, as well as with a smear of rosemary aioli.

There's but a dubious connection between the Viking theme of the truck and the sandwich, but if it tastes like this, bring on the horned helmets!

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