24 Steak Recipes For Your Memorial Day Grill


Guide to Steak

All the methods and tips you need to make perfect steak, each and every time.

So, you wanna cook steak for Memorial Day weekend?

First, check out The Food Lab's Complete Guide to How To Grill a Steak for tips on how to select and cook the best high end steaks for the grill. If you want to really up the ante, you can go ahead and age your own beef using this guide to add some of that characteristic cheesy funk that you can usually only get at a fine steakhouse.

Looking for a more budget-friendly approach? Check out The Food Lab's Guide to Inexpensive Steak for the Grill, where we talk about the basics, and then jump straight into our guides:

Once you've got the basics under your belt, you can check out all of the recipes in the slideshow above, or jump straight to 'em from the links below.

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Grilled Steaks


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Steak Salads


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Steak Sandwiches, Tacos, and Wraps


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