14 Ramp Recipes To Celebrate The Season

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

There are some folks out there who really don't like the culture of ramps. I get it. They're seasonal. They're expensive. They're only available on the East Coast, where they're basically limited to those willing to get up early to beat the crowds at the farmer's market, or the lucky few who have them growing in their backyards. These are all valid reasons to dislike the mythos built up around something that is, in the end, really just another onion.

I myself am not a fan of this mythos. At the same time, I'll admit to the hypocrisy of being one of its biggest contributors.

It all reminds me of my awkward middle school years. I'd say to myself, hey, I think that girl is pretty awesome and, as an outsider, I'm probably the only one who thinks so because I just get her like nobody else does. Maybe she'll think I'm awesome, too! Then I'd realize that everybody thought she was awesome, and she thought I was creepy.

What I'm saying is that if ramps could emote, they'd think my love and desire for them is kinda creepy.

Why can't he just enjoy my mildly grassy, garlicky aroma and sweet onion flavor like normal people do?, they'd ask. Why must he collect photos of me in various savory and unsavory situations and then post them in a slideshow online? Maybe I should take down those Facebook photos before he figures out where I live...

Well, ramps, unfortunately you can't talk and have no real natural defenses (like a quirky smile or cute hair flip) to catch me off guard. You will be consumed again this year. Oh yes, you will.

Here are just 14 of the ways in which it may happen. Click through the slideshow above, or jump straight to a recipe below.