Chef's Choice: 5 Dishes You Should Order at Farm Cuisine in Los Angeles

Farm Cuisine is one of the few places in the San Gabriel Valley that merges sustainability with Asian cuisine. "All the food comes from local farms; we use Jidori chicken and grass-fed beef," said founder Jonathan Tam, who's also a gynecologist. He opened Farm Cuisine in Monterey Park last November with head chef Bella Lau, formerly of Susan Feniger's STREET. The two are both very health-conscious; Lau even holds a nutritional science degree and was a former gym trainer.


The menu is a diverse mix of pan-Asian ingredients like lo-mein and congee inspired by Lau's childhood in Hong Kong. There are also a fair number of more Americanized options like sandwiches and stuffed pork loin.

Her five picks included sea cucumber dumplings, a sandwich stuffed with vegan ham, miso-glazed salmon, a colorful ahi tuna sashimi and pork loin stuffed with portobello mushrooms.