Snapshots from Hong Kong: Head to Ngau Kee Before It Closes on Sunday

From February 9 to 17, I visited Hong Kong on a trip sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Here's something I ate during my trip. Make sure to check out my other Snapshots from Hong Kong.


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Ngau Kee Food Cafe is an old school, family-run Hong Kong-style restaurant well known in the neighborhood for good, inexpensive, homey Cantonese food. The kind of place I'd surely eat at too often if I lived in Hong Kong. The kind of place that looks like it's been around for ages and should be around for years to come.

Unfortunately, Ngau Kee's landlord doesn't share the same appreciation for awesome food, and the restaurant is closing this Sunday, April 21—hopefully to reopen in a nearby location soon, but the owners don't have any concrete plans yet. Thanks to my friend Rachel I got to eat there at the end of my trip; it was basically my last worthwhile meal in Hong Kong before I dragged Rachel to McDonald's. Rachel just gave me the sad news this week.


So if you live in Hong Kong and haven't been to Ngau Kee, get your butt over there ASAP, and if you're lucky you'll be able to grab a stool or get cosy in one of their booths. I didn't get to try their famous beef brisket, but I'd recommend these dishes (aka everything I ate during my one visit):


Salt and pepper squid (HK$90), thick, crisp and tender strips of battered and deep fried squid covered in fried garlic bits.



Pan fried pork patties (HK$68) with minced salted fish, water chestnut, and black Chinese mushrooms. Very meaty tasting without feeling too heavy, thanks to the crisp bits of water chestnut.


Salted egg yolk-coated long beans and minced pork (HK$68). Because if there's one way to make long beans and pork taste better, it's by cooking them with mashed salted egg yolks.

Ngau Kee Food Cafe

G/F, 3 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong (map) 2546 2584; OpenRice page