Check Out Our New Quick Recipes Page!


I hear it all the time: Who the heck's got time to cook all these elaborate recipes?

Well I want you to know we're listening! You want quick and easy, you got it. That's why we've launched our new Quick Recipes page: an entire page of collected recipes that each takes 30 minutes or less.

Over there, you'll find dishes broken down by category. Under meat, for instance, you'll find some delicious Mole-crusted Fajitas or a Make-Ahead Jicama Salad with Seared Steak, Pomegranate and Cilantro, while under pasta you'll see dishes like Skillet Shrimp with Orzo, Feta, and Asparagus, Chicken Pasta e Fagiole with Smoked Paprika, or perhaps a Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese.

You get the picture.

If you've got a sweet tooth, of course you'll also find dozens of quick-and-easy 30-minute-and-under desserts. Early morning guests coming over and you slept through your alarm? No worries, you can have a fancy-pants breakfast hot and ready on the table using some of our quick breakfast and brunch recipes.

Your time in the kitchen just got a bit more efficient.

You can access the guide at any time through the "Topics" pull-down menu at the top of any page, or by going directly through this link.