11 Spots for Fast Breakfast in the Financial District, San Francisco

[Photographs: Tory Putnam and Alissa Merksamer]

If you have ever bemoaned your Financial District eating options, here's a reason to celebrate: Breakfast. In this land of button-downs and sweater sets, you'll find knockout versions of the classics (croissants from Fleur De Sel, muffins from The Golden West) as well as more unusual options. There's a basil pesto tofu burrito from The Plant Café that may convert a tofu-phobe, and traditional chai from The Chai Cart which shames the latte versions.

For our search, we stuck to the area bounded by Washington to the north, Grant to the west, Market to the south, and Embarcadero to the east. (Newtree Café & Chocolate Shop is the exception, since it dips below Market by one-half block, but we couldn't resist including a place that lets us sample over a dozen types of chocolate at 9 a.m.) You will not find the Ferry Building on this list, but it's not because we don't love it. We could've devoted an entire roundup to that food emporium, which incidentally, we already did. Check out the Serious Eats team's Ferry Building favorites.

All of our selected eateries excel at producing take-away items for you to enjoy in your office, and some, like The Golden West and John's Deli, don't have any seating. At the others, you'll find plenty of free tables should you decide to stay. Morning is much quieter than lunchtime, just one benefit to having breakfast in the FiDi. The other is cost. Nothing we ate topped $9.

Most of these shops are only open Monday thru Friday. So before your next workday, click through the slide show to see our top spots for the most important meal of the day.

The List

The Golden West »
Foundation Café »
The Plant Café »
Tlaloc »
Fleur de Sel »
John's Snack and Deli »
Blue Hawaii Café »
La Boulange »
The Chai Cart »
Newtree Café and Chocolate Shop »
Batter Bakery Kiosk »

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