Skillet Suppers: Salmon with Quinoa, Feta and Arugula


[Photographs: Yasmin Fahr]

Salmon seems to be one of those fishes that people either love or hate. Well, salmon lovers, or even haters, this recipe is easy and healthy, so you can get your fill of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and some greens all in one fell swoop.

Searing the salmon gives it a crispy skin and then finishing it on top of the quinoa helps avoid overcooking the fish, which unfortunately happens all too often. I'm partial to Bulgarian feta, which tends to be brinier and creamier than other types of feta, but go with your preference or what's available in a supermarket by you.

I learned this nine-minute, quinoa-cooking method from chef Katie Carey while she worked at Haven's Kitchen, a cooking school in lower Manhattan, who learned it from Plenty, one of Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbooks. It has "totally changed the way I think about cooking quinoa," she said, and I'd definitely have to agree. Simply cook the quinoa in boiling, well-salted water for exactly nine minutes. The result? Perfectly cooked quinoa every time. Seriously.

Another option is to toast the quinoa in the dry skillet before cooking to salmon to give extra flavor. You could also try other meaty seafood like swordfish or scallops with the quinoa if salmon isn't for you.

About the Author: Yasmin Fahr is a food lover, writer, and cook. Follow her @yasminfahr for more updates on her eating adventures and discoveries, which will most likely include tomatoes. And probably feta. Happy eating!

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