9 Best Bites in Winslow, Bainbridge Island, Near Seattle, WA

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

When a tourist in Seattle asks for anything interesting to do that's not-so-Seattle, I recommend a trip to Bainbridge Island, which is both a city and the island on which the city is found. You can reach Bainbridge by boarding a ferry from downtown Seattle, arriving at the island just 35 minutes after crossing Puget Sound. There's no need for a car if you just want to explore the downtown area known as Winslow. Steps from the ferry terminal, Winslow is a walkable stretch of street (and adjoining areas) with a number of interesting cafés, bakeries, and restaurants worth a look.

There are a number of "classic" spots in Winslow that will suit an old-schooler who sees Seattle as a place far, far away. But there are also exciting new developments in local food, including a store called the Intentional Table. IT serves as a sort of community food center, selling cookbooks, wine and food products, and a carefully curated selection of cooking equipment—as well as offering a kitchen for classes and cooking demonstrations.

I walked and walked and walked in Winslow, scouring the streets and sampling the food to find places to recommend, which include an old-time diner, a new-style restaurant, a French bistro, a local coffee roaster, and what some say is the best ice cream shop in the country. Check the slideshow above for my nine best (or certainly most interesting) bites of this part of Bainbridge Island.