Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

There's a reason why you'll see "Keep Austin Weird" bumper stickers and tie-dyed tees all over the city. Austin is all about preserving its quirkiness, whether it takes the form of a live band playing in some bar's backyard, public art shaped as a swooping bat, or a rabbit and rattlesnake sausage. (If you've ever wondered what rabbit or rattlesnake meat taste like, order the "Predator/Prey" sausage at Wurst.)

We've rounded up some of our favorite only-in-Austin dishes. Don't you just love Austin? Tell us about other unique dishes you've enjoyed in Austin.

12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

Sapporo Beer Macon Miso Ramen
Reuben Dog from Frianco's Deli
Love Balls
Shiner Bock Beer-Battered Monte Cristo
Pork Floss Crepe
The 'Predator and Prey' (a.k.a Rattlesnake and Rabbit Sausage)
Brisket Cheesesteak 'Panaani'
The Jackalope
Brisket Tacos
'The James Hetfield' Sandwich
Kielbasa & Poppy Seed Kolaches
Beet Home Fries