First Look: The Parish, Casey Lane's Gastropub in Downtown Los Angeles

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, The Parish is a British gastropub decked out with large, glistening windows and earthy wood paneling. It has a unique Flatiron-esque shape and in the center, there's a full-fledged rotisserie, where chef Casey Lane and his team are whipping out fantastical wood-grilled creations. His chicken, paired with mustard greens and a tangy currant vinaigrette, have been one of the restaurant's best-sellers.

"It's about going to the farmers market, seeing what we can obtain and beginning to edit those down to a texture and flavor standpoint," said 29-year-old chef star Lane. He tries to source as much as possible from local markets and mashes together witty dishes like crispy oyster poutine and grilled rabbit with creamed nettle and caramelized carrots. "I know that sounds borderline sadistic," Lane admitted. "But we had amazing little carrots and I wanted people to see the leg."