Check Out the Winners of Our 2013 Pi Day Baking Contest!

We saw many amazing pies entered in our Pi(e) Day Baking Challenge with Instructables this year, but it's time to raise our forks to the grandest of them all. Check out the winners of this year's contest! Special thanks to our prize partner King Arthur Flour, and to all of the pie-bakers who entered this year.

Grand Prize


Three Point One S'mores Pi. by Postmodernist Cuisine

Who doesn't love s'mores? Campfire-toasted marshmallows, milk chocolate, and crispy graham crackers make a delightfully messy treat. This recipe draws on the classic campfire treat, but refines it with a rich chocolate custard, vanilla bean marshmallow créme, and browned butter graham cracker crust. We've decorated this version in honor of the number pi, but you can adorn your pie in any way you choose.

First Prizes (3)


Black Forest Meringue Pie by cluracon

Obviously inspired by the infamous Black Forest Gateau, (layers of chocolate cake, sour cherries and whipped cream, with a good dose of kirsch) this uses those flavours for a rather different kind of dessert.


Pi Ja(R) Squared by stevequag

As a high school math teacher this is a holiday for us at work and a cause for celebration. To make these individual pies I start with a time tested recipe and in my opinion the only pie flavor worth eating, good old fashion apple pie with cinnamon. To put a spin on the traditional pie I shrunk it down to individual serving sizes to maximize the amount of crust on each and to make sure everybody gets their own 2(pi) radians worth of delicious pie.


Easy Key Lime Pie (with Ginger Snap Crust) by octocarrielyn

Every year I celebrate spring by making a Key lime pie. But this year the limes in store were depressing, and I had to resort to bottled lime juice. It felt like a large sacrifice in flavor, so I decided to put my emphasis on the crust, an often neglected part of the pie in my opinion. Graham cracker crust is the go-to crust for Key lime, but it could be much more exciting. So how about a cookie crust? A gingersnap cookie crust! Ginger works wonderfully with sweet and sour flavors, and it deserves to share the stage with the tanginess of the Key lime.



Sushi Pi Pie by lmnopeas

What do you serve a group of mathematicians on International Pi Day? Serve them this sushi in the round, where Pi and Pie make there appearance in many different ways, from the molded Pi wasabi to the circumference of the pie.

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