Cereal Eats: Grape Nuts Flakes

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Grape Nuts haters, forgive me, but I have one final thing to say. In fact, you might want to stick around. This just might change your mind.

It's certainly no secret that I think of myself Grape Nuts #1 fan. I even gave a passing grade to Grape Nuts Fit, though it in no way resembled the hallowed 'Nuts. I gave Grape Nuts Flakes a cursory mention last week, honestly not really thinking much about them. I assumed they tasted like Total or Wheaties, not a bad thing (in fact, Wheaties are a stellar cereal) but not something I needed in my life.

Boy oh boy was I wrong.

I got my hands on the flakes and gave them a half-hearted try. I froze after the first dry handful and instantly tasted sweet, malt-y Grape-Nutty flavor. I now have this to say: Grape Nuts Flakes, where have you been all my life?

Let's break it down. The flakes are small and crispy, sweeter than the 'Nuts but still have that satisfying toasty Grape Nuts flavor. I challenge all of you out there that think Grape Nuts tastes like rabbit food or will break your teeth to give these delicious flakes a chance. Personally, I'm ready for a bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes and Grape Nuts combined. Another benefit of the flakes, to be quite honest, is the calorie count. I try to tell myself that 300 cals per teeny serving of Grape Nuts is better than 300 empty cals of Cape Cod chips lying around SEHQ (I CANNOT RESIST A CHIP). Truth is, the 110 calories per serving on Grape Nuts Flakes let me breathe a little easier and dig into a big old cup or two.

I'm a little surprised at myself that it's taken this long for Grape Nuts Flakes and me to come together. But one thing's for sure: Grape Nuts Flakes I ain't ever gonna let you go! Ok ok, I'm done talking about Grape Nuts for a while. Wait, not really. Anyone else want to talk about Grape Nuts of any variety??