Snapshots from the Caribbean: Eating Goat in Anguilla


[Photographs: Sydney Oland]

When most people go to the Caribbean they immediately head towards the abundance of fresh seafood, but whenever I'm in Anguilla, I crave goat.

Not unlike lamb, goat is hearty and filling and has an almost gamey flavor. If you've ever been to Anguilla you know that goats are everywhere, on the side of the road, on the beach, and perched on roofs and fences all over the island. If you're looking for a change from seafood, try these goat dishes.

1. Goat Soup



Similar to a Scotch broth, this broth-based soup from Hungry's Food Truck—located in the island's city center, The Valley—is full of root vegetables, dumplings, and chunks of spoon-tender lamb. Pull up to the side of the truck, grab a bowl of goat soup and take a seat under the mahogany tree the truck is parked by.

2. Goat Roti



Filled with potatoes, bits of goat, and onions, this spicy wrap from the Roti Hut on Edwin Wallace Rey Drive by the airport, is best eaten sitting at the counter along with a beer. There are a few places that make roti on the island, but this version of goat roti is my favorite. There are no guarantees that goat will be on the menu the day you show up, though.

3. Curried Goat



A hearty spiced curry from E's Oven on Rendezvous Road, this actually doesn't have too much heat. The goat meat, still on the bone, is fork tender and served alongside rice, beans, and fried plantains. This is a large meal, so you might not want it right before a dip in the ocean.