Gallery: Cochon 555 in Seattle: The (Pork-Filled) View from the Judging Tables

Chef Joshua Henderson of Huxley Wallace Collection
Chef Joshua Henderson of Huxley Wallace Collection

Using a Farmer's Cross pig, chef Joshua Henderson created (clockwise from the top):

Cappalletti filled with milk-braised pork in brodo di testa, hazelnuts, and sage

Pork leg: gravlax-inspired, pickled mustard seed gribiche

NW oyster Rockefeller with creamed stinging nettles and lardo crumbs

Crispy fried pig ears, chicharron and chickpeas with Aleppo chili, fenugreek salt, and fresh coriander

Crepinette with sultana mostarda and pistachio

Beautifully plated, here we again have a broth with head cheese, simmered for four days, just as the pork leg was cured for four days. The oyster Rockefeller contained pureed pork brains as well as cracklins.

Canlis wins!
Canlis wins!

Holding the trophy is chef Jason Franey of the Canlis team, winner of Seattle's Cochon 555 for 2013.

Chef Jonathan Sundstrom of Lark
Chef Jonathan Sundstrom of Lark

Using a Hampshire pig from Jones Family Farm, chef Jonathan Sundstrom created (clockwise from the top):

Double pork broth with nettles, cilantro, basil, and pork tenderloin, liver and crispy ear

"Green eggs and ham": pickled quail egg, fried ham, pea puree, pea bacon fricassee

Lard-poached pork loin with chorizo and Rockwell bean ragout

Pork belly onigiri with grilled scallion aioli

Corned pork brisket and cabbage tartine with beer bread and Guinness stout mustard

Chicharron "Nutter Butter"

Sundstrom is a two-time winner of Seattle’s Cochon 555 and his double pork broth was delicate and delicious. The onigiri was especially interesting, with the rice made with warishita sauce that’s sweet and savory, seasoned with furikake, and stuffed with pork belly before being chilled overnight and then fried.

Chef Jason Franey of Canlis
Chef Jason Franey of Canlis

Using an Old Spot pig from White Buffalo Ranch, chef Jason Franey created (clockwise from the 1:00 position):

Pork rind, sauerkraut powder, fleur de sel, and Shigoku oyster aioli

Pâté en croûte with sauce gribiche, sauternes and pickled radish

Chorizo on milk and honey roll, rouille and fermented Fresno chili relish

Tête de cochon with Dijon mustard gel

This dish looks as elegant as what you’d expect at your fine dining experience at Canlis.

Canlis' Dessert Plate
Canlis' Dessert Plate

For dessert:

Bon bon with smoked back fat and bourbon caramel

Pork pot de crème with bacon brittle, cinnamon macaron and green apple espuma

The bon bon was incredibly smoky and fatty, while the pot de crème was made with pork blood, with the green apple providing fresh balance.

Chef Shane Ryan of Matt's in the Market
Chef Shane Ryan of Matt's in the Market

Using a Berkshire Pig from Mosaic Farms, chef Shane Ryan created:

Fried pork wrapped in betel leaf, with coconut, fried shallots, peanuts, and lime

Betel leaf was a surprising ingredient to see, and is one that stimulates the appetite.

More from Matt's in the Market
More from Matt's in the Market

Clockwise from top left:

Pork broth with head cheese and prawn, grilled riblets, basil, and lime

Confit pork belly with rice noodles, dried shrimp, scallions, tamarind, and rau ram

Smoked Vietnamese sausage with cucumber, chicharron, tomato, onion, and banana flower

Shane Ryan surprised many by serving bold Asian flavors.

Chef Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi of Revel and Joule
Chef Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi of Revel and Joule

Using a Berkshire pig from Florek Family Farm, chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi created (clockwise from 12:00 position):

Squealing noodle: pickled pig skin, green curry, prik

Cochon tonnato: kombu cured and roasted loin, seaweed mayonnaise, and bonito

Kalbi bowl: Korean sweet chili, marinated rib, and oyster kimchi

Red hot: shoulder, sausage, kimchi, extra fat, and wild sesame

Head cheese roll: head cheese sausage, lardonnaise, scallion

Pig a la mode: chocolate chip cookie (spicy), lardo, Szechuan peppercorn ice cream

The "Squealing Noodle" was perhaps the most polarizing dish at the event. So many people loved the pig skin noodles with curried ground pork and the prik sauce with pickled ginger. Others couldn’t get past the texture of the noodles. (I loved it!)

Chef Jason Barwikowski of The Woodsman Tavern
Chef Jason Barwikowski of The Woodsman Tavern

Using a Red Wattle pig from McKinlay Vineyards, chef Jason Barwikowski created (clockwise from the 1:00 position):

Posole: smoked shoulder, Rancho Gordo hominy, cabbage, relish (also includes head and feet)

Tacos: chorizo, pickled onions, cilantro, Red Wattle lard tortilla (made with offal, fatback off shoulder, and hind leg)

Torta: pork loin al pastor, pineapple, avocado mayonnaise, refried beans (beans cooked in lard)

Mole: smoked belly, red chili mole

Churros: chicharrones, cinnamon sugar, tequila-chocolate sauce

Barwikowski of Portland decided to do something different for him: a Mexican taqueria-inspired menu.