My Thai: Chicken-Green Bean Yellow Chili Stir-Fry


[Photographs: Leela Punyaratabandhu]

Last year, I had a chance to tour the kitchen of one of my favorite Bangkok restaurants, Krua Apsorn, where they showed me how to prepare a few signature dishes along with how to make traditional and modern Thai dishes at the restaurant. Krua Apsorn's head chef Chanchavee Skulkant shared her recipe for jumbo lump crab meat stir-fried with long beans and yellow chilies, one of the most famous dishes at the restaurant. Of course, with my Serious Eats readers in mind, I asked her for suggestions on how to create a variation with more common ingredients.


And that's how we came up with this version made with chicken breast meat. It requires a slightly different method of preparation, but yields a result that, like its prototype, belies its simplicity.

For what it's worth, she expressed her admiration for all of you Thai food enthusiasts who have, or are in the process of figuring out, how to create great Thai food with only the ingredients available in the United States. That also reflects my sentiment exactly. Many of you have written to me to share your excitement over being able to create for themselves and their respective family the Thai dishes that they had thought too complicated, using the ingredients they could find and afford. Hearing about how people are empowered in this way makes what I do very gratifying.


This recipe, adapted from one of the most requested dishes served at what I consider one of the top traditional Thai restaurants in Bangkok, is what I've brought back to all of you after having spent the past several months in Thailand.