My Thai: Banana-Coconut-Sesame Cake

My Thai

Traditional Thai cooking with a home-style bent.


[Photographs: Leela Punyaratabandhu]

This upside-down cake is easy to make and redolent of my favorite street food. I can't have bananas, coconut, and sesame together in one dish and not be reminded of Thai-style fried bananas.


You will notice that the cake proper is not very sweet; this is because the topping contains additional sugar. Plus we have the natural sweetness of the bananas. I love eating this with a cup of tea.


If you live in an area with burro bananas, the traditional choice for Thai street-style fried bananas, are available, by all means, use them. For the rest of us, the regular Cavendish variety will have to do. Be sure to use ones that aren't too ripe. I figure baby (niño) bananas work as well.