Serious Entertaining: A Downton Abbey Dinner Party

Serious Entertaining

Seasonal menu planning for the perfect dinner party.


[Photograph: PBS]

Those of us who have been keeping up with the goings on at the Abbey know this Sunday is the season three finale, and what better way to commemorate the occasion then to have a few friends over for a Downton Abbey themed dinner.

Dinner at Downton Abbey is always grand and festive; this menu is a simpler version that pays homage to the tastes of that time.

Let's Talk About the Kidney Soufflé


This recipe is inspired by Ethel's attempt at a similar dish, soufflé is temperamental by nature but if you follow the instructions and don't drop the finished dish, you should have better luck than she did. The soufflé should be cooked and then served immediately but the other two elements of the dinner can (and should in the case of the trifle) be made ahead of time.

To me, the best part of a savory soufflé is the crisp edges on top so I like to let mine sit in the oven an extra 3-5 minutes to maximize that. If you're like me, just let the soufflé sit in the oven until you get the crisp edges you desire.

I would also recommend inviting your guests to dine before the episode airs so you can devote your full attention to the season finale.