French in a Flash: Wild Mushroom and Truffle Muffin-Tin Omelettes

French In A Flash

Quick and easy recipes that prove that great French food doesn't require a tall hat and a fancy kitchen.


[Photograph: Kerry Saretsky]

Omelettes always remind me of Paris. I think it's because every time Mr. English and I wake up in St. Germain, he orders a big fluffy omelette nature at Les Deux Magots. It's tradition.

This is a decadent, wintry version. Good eggs and milk get whipped together and punctuated with black truffle oil and the main ingredient: wild mushrooms roasted to a crisp with olive oil. I pour the mixture into muffin cups, where they puff and set in the oven. The results are fluffy, individual omelettes full of the woodsy flavor of truffles and mushrooms. A brunch classic in the making!

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Wild Mushroom and Truffle Muffin-Tin Omelets ยป