First Look: Martin Yan's M.Y. China, San Francisco

[Photographs: Wes Rowe]

A mall isn't necessarily where you'd expect to be wined and dined by a James Beard award-winning chef. But M.Y. China, the first San Francisco project from Chef Martin Yan, housed the the dome of San Francisco's Westfield San Francisco Centre, allows you to do just that.

Featuring an extensive menu of dim sum, noodles, wok-cooked proteins, roasted pork and poultry, salads, and bar bites, M.Y. China is aiming to attract a wide swath of San Francisco eaters, and educate them about modern Chinese cuisine while they're at it. The restaurant's wide-open kitchen, putting everything from flaming wok-tossing to expert hand crafted noodle-pulling on display, is certainly a part of that goal, too.

The sleek space, opening out onto the bustling traffic of Westfield's dome, is taking cues from San Francisco institutions like the Slanted Door, Betelnut, and Fang in its attempt to elevate richly storied Chinese cuisine.

"I think the 2010s will be the decade for Chinese food, the way the '90s were for Italian food," says David Dodson, the managing partner of M.Y. China. He brims with excitement when discussing the variety of flavors of the menu, and the multiple trips to China he took with Chef Yan when planning this restaurant.

Take a look at some of M.Y. China's dishes in the slideshow above!

M.Y. China

Westfield San Francisco Centre, 845 Market Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco CA 94103 (map) 707-431-2962;