Cardamom and Orange Scones from 'Home Made Winter'

[Photograph: Oof Verschuren]

Not much beats a warm scone slathered with butter and marmalade—flaky, rich, and sticky—for a breakfast treat. In Home Made Winter, Yvette van Boven takes this breakfast staple and adds her own funky twists. Instead of simply adding the orange marmalade to the hot scones at the table, she incorporates the preserve into the dough as well as a bright glaze and creamy mascarpone-orange cream. The marmalade's bittersweet flavor is complemented by the richness of the butter and cream, and its floral character is amplified by a generous dose of ground cardamom throughout.

Never mind that these Irish scones look much more like our American biscuits. They're wonderful just the same.

Why I picked this recipe: Scones and marmalade are natural companions on the breakfast table; why not combine the two?

What worked: Everything, from the scone dough to the orange glaze to the heavenly mascarpone cream, was spot on.

What didn't: I was able to eke out closer to 16 scones from the dough, but this was not really a problem.

Suggested tweaks: It would be easy to swap out the orange marmalade for another preserve if you'd like; stick to something on the lower end of the sugar spectrum, though. I'd also image that the scones would freeze well before baking (I had too many mouths to feed to try out this trick). Bake a few minutes longer, straight from the freezer.

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