A Sandwich a Day: Southwestern Crepe at It's Just Crepes in Cincinnati

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[Photograph: Laura Arnold]

While I imagine die hard crepe-eaters might turn their nose up at any liberties being taken with the traditional concept, the creative ingredient combinations and quick, friendly staff obliterated any hesitation I might've had after my first visit to It's Just Crepes.

Since the opening of their first location in downtown Cincinnati, their explosive popularity has led them to expand to several new locations in the past two years. Their raging success must be due in no small part to the fact that the items on their menu are far from what you might expect from a standard crepe shop. The menu encompasses both sweet and savory options, such as a Buffalo crepe with blue cheese and a "s'mores" crepe made with Nutella.

It's fun to skip around and order different things on the menu, but I usually stick with one of their most popular offerings: the Southwestern ($6.19) made with pepper jack cheese, diced chicken, chipotle mayo, sautéed onions, and red peppers. The peppers add a nice crunch, the chicken is tender, and the chipotle mayo adds just a teeny bit of spice. Substitutions or additions are easily accommodated and encouraged; I've seen people order the Southwestern with bacon or jalapeños (or both!). I usually add green bell peppers to mine for a double dose of the peppery goodness.

Every crepe is made-to-order, so when it's handed to you, it's piping hot, making it a great grab and go lunch during chilly days. The crepes are also quite hefty, and be forewarned—some of the combinations with lots of sauces (like the Italian pizza crepe) can be a bit messy. They don't skimp on the fillings, so come hungry.

I'm aware that this post's classification is up for debate. Are some sandwiches crepes? Are some crepes sandwiches, in the same way that a wrap can be sold alongside its more traditional counterpart? You decide. But if you are at It's Just Crepes for lunch in Cincinnati, order the Southwestern. You can thank me later.

It's Just Crepes

39 East Court Street, Cincinnati OH 45202 (map) 513-632-7373; two more locations listed at itsjustcrepes.com