A Sandwich a Day: Pork Chop at Willie's Wee-Nee Wagon, Brunswick, GA

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[Photograph: Jed Portman]

You wouldn't know that the place is anything special. Where it is, perched on the side of the road, painted in fast-food reds and yellows, you'd take it for a run-of-the-mill hot dog joint. But when I was in Brunswick, Georgia last month, I asked a range of people—from my cousins over at luxury resort Sea Island to Big George Drayton to a teenage Wal-Mart cashier—where to eat in town. Every one of them recommended Willie's Wee-Nee Wagon.

Willie's is a hot-dog joint, but the pork chop sandwich there is a local legend. In fact, if you can find a better pork chop sandwich anywhere in Glynn County, per a sign out front, the restaurant will hand over $2000 in cash. Yvonne Chambers, Willie's wife, says that no one has tried to collect the reward since it was posted nearly four decades ago. "No one wants to."


Yvonne Chambers

Willie Chambers, who passed away in 2009, was an electrician who decided to open a restaurant after moving to South Georgia. Upon perfecting his pork chop sandwich, he decided that it was best in the county, if not the state. The reward went up immediately. "That's the kind of man he was," Yvonne says. "Always coming up with new ideas. Always very confident in his creations."

Willie's pork chop sandwich is simple. It is a generic hoagie-style bun spread with mustard and piled with grilled onions and slices of lean pork chop. The ingredients make for a salty bite well-balanced between dough, spice, and meat. Without obstacles like jaw-stretching width, hard edges, or gristle, the sandwich goes down like a can of Coca-Cola on a hot day—you nibble first, then bite, and then devour. It is easy eating, and a satisfying meal.

Every pork chop sandwich comes with a styrofoam cup of sweet tea, which you'll need to wash down the dry bread and salty meat. If you're feeling hungry, spend a little extra for a sleeve of steak fries.

Willie's Wee-Nee Wagon

3599 Altama Avenue, Brunswick GA 31520 (map); 912-264-1146