A Sandwich a Day: Breakfast Torta from Taqueria El Jarocho in Seattle

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In the landscape of Seattle taco trucks, Taqueria el Jarocho is a relative newcomer, but it sets itself apart from the crowd with two words: breakfast torta. Sure, there are excellent tortas elsewhere in the city (including the nearby Barriga Llena), and you can put an egg on them and maybe call them breakfast, too. But el Jarocho, this is no "put an egg on it" type of situation.

El Jarocho marries eggs and chorizo, scrambling the two together until the broken-up spicy sausage hugs every last bit of egg. Any tasty juices from the mixture run into the beans and mayonnaise that provide a thin layer of protection for the crispy-edged griddled bun. Invoking the grand obligation of any sandwich, this is a torta that is far greater than the sum of its rather mundane ingredients.

Perhaps, though, it is the everyday ingredients that keep this sandwich so simple, and even, dare I say it, somewhat light (for a torta). There was less of the grease-mop, gut-bomb feeling that so many meat-heavy tortas offer. The simple egg and meat combo and the thin layer of grilled bread meant this torta lived up to the promise of a breakfast torta: you could go on with your day, sans food coma nap, quite happily afterwards.

Taqueria el Jarocho

10200 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle WA 98133(map) 206-335-910