Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Holiday Food Gifting


Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers [Photograph: zahavah]

Our last challenge for Weekend Cook and Tell was for all of you to share your favorite food gifting recipes. We called this Holiday Food Gifting. Visions of mochi, secret dipping sauce, and coquito danced through our heads. (we'd prefer our belles - SE holiday food gift trade?) Thank you for sharing. We hope this list finds you and your giftees well.

Fair warning: There was an above average submission of gorgeous gifts. Your eyes will be treated but your bellies may growl after viewing this post.

Grandmothers are smart creatures. zahavah's bribed her with chocolate-covered graham crackers in order to drink all of her milk. On second thought, maybe zahavah was the smart cookie here.

somaR made good friends this year with Ricotta Chocolate Dried Fruit and Nut Fudge. Easy to box and easy to transport to a friend's holiday party.

missmochi likes to get creative with her - well, mochi. "My super easy microwave mochi uses jello and fruit juice to make delicious mochi in 5 minutes! More traditionally are my purple sweet potato mochi, beni imo mochi, and my fresh strawberry mochi, ichigo daifuku are a little more time consuming but my favorites. Last year, I made a triple layered mochi that was Christmas colored!"


[Photographs: missmochi]

If you're looking for a gift to go with your favorite cocktail, meatballs&milkshakes recommends brandied maraschino cherries. Think of them as gifts to your glass.

Juliasalbum believes a lot of cookie baking is the way to go. You can choose between her more traditional almond shortbread cookie with Amaretto or try this gorgeous peach cookie with dulce de leche filling (made with natural coloring!).


[Photographs: Juliasalbum]

To add a little spice to your holiday gifting, try KarmaFreeCooking coquito recipe. Coquito is the Puerto Rican version of eggnog and includes ginger, anise seeds, star anise and cinnamon. KarmaFreeCooking also notes the only way you'll know her version does not involve alcohol is, "because you'll not get drunk... because it still has a nice kick."

Hipsteaders homemade extracts make a perfect holiday gift. You can make large batches and then package them up in cute small bottles. Here are recipes for vanilla and almond.


[Photographs: Hipsteaders]

Finally, sabrinasue enjoys filling lovely tall glass bottles with Vanilla Caramel Liqueur. This somehow seems fit for bottles you might have curated throughout the year.

Don't forget dhorst's SDS (Secret Dipping Sauce) which many of our community members plan to make and gift. An additional tip mentioned by zucchini is to affix labels to jar lids when canning. No sticky label to remove if reusing the jars for next year. (assuming you have nice friends who return jars.)

A big thank you to everyone for sharing their warm, brothy love for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: A Hanukkah Feast