Serious Entertaining: New Year's Eve Partytime

Serious Entertaining

Seasonal menu planning for the perfect dinner party.


For safety's sake, hold onto the cork and cage. [Popping cork photograph: Shutterstock]

Hey, here's your one last chance to party it up before you pretend to eat only celery and lemon water in January! If you're throwing a New Year's Eve party this Monday night (all of us partygoers thank you), here are some ideas for nibbles and bubbles to make sure everyone's enjoying the last minutes of 2012 and the early hours of 2013.


When guests arrive, make sure they get a drink in their hands. Here are some fantastic affordable sparkling wine recommendations from our Drinks editor Maggie. If you'd rather serve a big bowl of punch,we have those recipes, too.

Finger Foods

April Bloomfield's Deviled Eggs

With a champagne flute in one hand (or whiskey snifter or mug of wine, whatever your style), it's important that the second hand is busy popping hors d'oevures to keep up with the drinking hand. Here are some great cutlery-less snacks to serve.

Deviled Eggs
4 Easy Japanese Izakaya Dishes
Pork and Scallion Dumplings
Carrot and Brie Puffs
Oven Roasted Chestnuts with Spiced Melted Butter
Whiskey Wieners
Pork Schnitzel Meatballs


Spicy Crab Dip

Dips are pretty essential.

Spicy Crab Dip
Creamy Three-Cheese Artichoke Dip
Melty Cheese Dip
Green Pea Hummus
Spicy Remoulade for Fried Pickles, or Anything Else
Bourbon Chocolate Fondue

Nuts and Popcorn

Bourbon Old Fashioned Glazed Pecans

These are what I call handful foods. They should be enjoyed in grabby handfuls.

Bourbon Old Fashioned Glazed Pecans
Spicy Cheese-Caramel Popcorn
10 More Easy Popcorn Toppings
Smoky Fried Chickpeas

Cheers! Slainte! Salud! Chin chin! Here's to a happy and healthy new year.