Serious Eats Is Six: Happy Birthday to Us!


[Image: Shutterstock]

Serious Eats turned six this month. How cool is that? Who would have thunk it?

Six years ago, we launched Serious Eats hoping that serious eaters—people passionate about food—would gravitate to a site that made them feel welcome. A site where they could find reliable information about anything food and drink-related or just chew the fat with like-minded folks about anything going on in the food culture.

A place where you could find anything from the various sandwich styles of the world to quick dinner recipes to a beautiful video shot about a farmer in upstate New York who grows strawberries so sweet they make you weep. In six years we've become the ultimate source for serious deliciousness in any form anywhere serious eaters are.

These six years have gone by so fast. Maybe that's because a) so many things have happened in that time and b) feeding food and drink information to an ever-larger community is not just our company's mission. It is my life's work.

I always say that internet years are like dog years, so we've really been around for 42 years. Someone said to me recently that Serious Eats has been around forever. I took that as a compliment. We were also referred to as the granddaddy of food blogs. We're okay with that, too. We like grandparents of any kind.

Like most six year-olds we can't wait for the day to get started, in our case to see what's happening in the food culture; who's making or growing something delicious; and how you can either taste it by going out to a restaurant or bar, or make it yourself at home.

What's happened in the six years? We've grown so much. When we launched there were three of us sitting around the office, me, Adam Kuban, and Meg Hourihan. Alaina Browne was pitching in from SF, on her way to NYC. Now there are 14 amazing full-time staffers and more than 175 remarkable contributors from around the world publishing over 200 posts a week on our eight blogs. We've published a book, and so have many of our contributors.

And our audience has grown with us, from the few thousand the month we launched to many millions of people all over the world.

So happy birthday to all of you, Serious Eats community, staffers and contributors alike. You've played a huge role in getting us to six. We've got big plans and big dreams for our seventh year and beyond, so stick around so that we can grow younger together. Many happen returns, indeed.