Sunday Brunch: Scrambled Egg and Sausage Tacos with Avocado and Scallion

Sunday Brunch

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[Photograph: Sydney Oland]



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As a Canadian, my love of tacos came to me later in life. But once I fully realized how wonderful a warm tortilla truly was, there was no looking back. As a result I spent my first few years living in the US putting everything I could think of in a tortilla—especially at brunch. These tacos come together quickly and pack a huge amount of flavor into a warm tortilla.

The type of sausage you use drastically affects the final outcome of this product. I recommend using a spicier sausage like a chorizo, hot Italian, or even Andouille. And although the simple mixture of cubed avocado and scallion seems simple, it adds richness and brightness to the final product.

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