Video: Is the Most Beautiful Farm Also the Most Sustainable?


The rice terraces of YuanYang in southern China are a manmade wonder. Built into the steep hillsides, this 1,300-year old system can't be farmed by machine, but functions in more sustainable ways than any farm I've seen.

The Hani people who populate this area have a profound respect for trees, and it pays off. The trees bring water, which washes through the village and sweeps the manure into the rice fields. Meanwhile, ducks and fish live in the rice ponds, eating insects and further fertilizing the rice.

Although people here would love to modernize, the conditions make it next to impossible, but one might say, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"

Watch this latest video and prepared to be amazed by the extreme beauty of southern China, and the wisdom of our subject, Mr. Lu.

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