10 Christmas-Themed Hot Dogs

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Christmas is one holiday that hasn't always inspired much hot dog creativity. Stuffing and gravy-topped Thanksgiving dogs have been floating around for a few years now, and my bet is that by the time Christmas rolls around, most professional doggers are ready for a few days on the couch with some whiskey and no tube meat in sight.

But this year, some of the nation's top hot dog chefs have come up with some wild and delicious yuletide-themed concoctions.

We've got a lot of reindeer dogs going on, with Misconduct Tavern in Philly grinding venison for housemade reindeer dogs and Hot Diggity, also in Philly, serving a reindeer dog topped with rum-butter roasted pears. Then we have encased meat king Doug Sohn at Hot Doug's in Chicago running crazy specials like a cognac, lamb and pork sausage topped with mint mustard cream and double creme brie...

Pair any of these hot dogs with lots of eggnog and multiple viewings of A Christmas Story or Trading Places and you're all set.

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