Gallery: 5 of Our Favorite TV Restaurants

Holsten's from <em>The Sopranos</em>
Holsten's from The Sopranos

The last episode of HBO's The Sopranos was shot at Holstein's diner and sweets shop in New Jersey where fans can go for the memorabilia and greasy spoon fare.

[Photograph: JerseyJJ on Flickr]

Luke's Diner from <em>The Gilmore Girls</em>
Luke's Diner from The Gilmore Girls

You won't be running into Lorelai or Rory here—it's all part of the Stars Hollow TV set.

[Photograph: Russ on Flickr]

Double R Diner from <em>Twin Peaks<em>
Double R Diner from Twin Peaks

Yet another TV show with a diner! The exterior of Twede's, which was the Double R Diner on the show, looks pretty much the same as it did when Twin Peaks shot there two decades ago, but fans would not recognize the interior. A fire gutted the place in 2000. But since rebuilding, they've covered walls with Twin Peaks memorabilia and photos, and the menu even includes the famed cherry pie.

[Photograph: dadadreams on Flickr]

Ben's Pizzeria on <em>Louie</em>
Ben's Pizzeria on Louie

Louis CK's character spends part of the show opener biting into a slice from this iconic Greenwich Village pizzeria. We're not sure people leave this place with as much self-loathing as Louie does, but you can be the judge of this self-proclaimed most famous pizza in the world.

[Photograph: Adam Kuban on Flickr]

Goodburger from <em>All That</em>
Goodburger from All That

"Welcome to Goodburger, home of the Goodburger, can I take your oooorder?"
Yes, please take us back to the days where kids quoted this line over and over. Too bad Kenan and Kel fans won't find the chain they remember from All That sketches. There is however a small fast-food chain going by the name in New York. Now if only this Goodburger had vats of Nickelodeon slime hanging around. Oh, the memories.

[Photograph: Ozzdo on Flickr]