Watch Clips from New PBS Show 'Mind of a Chef' with David Chang


PBS's new series The Mind of a Chef stars David Chang along with the voice of Anthony Bourdain (he's the narrator and executive producer). It's part cooking show, part travel show, part history show, part whatever Chang and Bourdain feel like eating and talking about show. Last week, on the very first episode, it was ramen. Tonight it'll be fish sauce, kimchi, and raw scallops.

It's almost like the television show companion to Lucky Peach, the quarterly food journal that Chang created with Zero Point Zero, the production company behind Bourdain's show No Reservations as well as this new show. Here are three clips from tonight's episode.

Raw Scallop Salad with Rene Redzepi at Noma

"This took five hours to gather, five minutes to arrange, and it will take 30 seconds to consume." —Rene Redzepi

Kimchi Party!

"What could be more delicious than putting spicy cabbage in a jar and letting it ferment for months? Not much." —Anthony Bourdain

Fish Sauce

"Anchovy, salt, sugar. That's it." —David Chang