13 Thanksgiving-Themed Hot Dogs in America

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My favorite part of Thanksgiving has always been the leftovers sandwich, with bonus points for ingredients sourced from different families. It's also a sandwich gimmick I never seem to get sick of when it's on menus, and now practically a requirement for gourmet hot dog joints to offer this time of year.


Wurst Bar's Thanksgiving Brat. [Photograph: Jesse Kranyak]

The hot dog purist in me wants to hate this sort of thing, and really how many carb-on-carb stomach bombs topped with stuffing and mashed potatoes can you eat, but I'm always surprised by how inventive and truly tasty these things are every year. This year's crop of Thanksgiving-inspired dogs was created with even more finesse and balance. Sure, some of them are pushing the "hot dog" definition, they still look so damn good.

Last year we had some really great Thanksgiving Dogs from places like Senate and Hot Diggity in Philly, but this year we've got all new dogs, including three different places that are making the dogs and sausages in-house just for this holiday special.

Rumor has it that some of these places are already messing around with reindeer, venison, and fruitcake in preparation for Christmas, so get ready for that in a few weeks.

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