That's Nuts: Sweet Potato PB and J

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[Image: Andrea Hernandez]

I love PB&J's. I never get tired of the rich, salty taste of peanut butter, combined with the sweet and sometimes tangy flavor of jam or jelly. And I love Thanksgiving. And perhaps the only thing better than Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving leftovers.

So imagine my delight when I found a yummy new way to experience a PB&J—through leftover baked sweet potatoes combined with some peanut butter and a little leftover cranberry sauce!

I've got to give credit where credit is due, however—I first began thinking of the idea to combine peanut butter with sweet potatoes after hearing about The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission's recent No More Mallows recipe contest. The winning recipe was a veggie burger made with sweet potatoes and pecans, and I thought that a sweet potato and peanut butter mashup (literally) would be equally delicious.

There's no real recipe required here—heat up some some leftover baked sweet potatoes and top with some peanut butter—which should start to melt from the heat of the potato. Top with some dried cranberry sauce or dried cranberries, and finish with some chopped peanuts if you have any on hand.

Have you ever made a PB&J out of unusual ingredients?