How to Carve a Turkey

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Remember that time in Little League when you made that perfect throw to Jimmy on second base just before little Max "Rocket Legs" Power reached it but Jimmy was too busy paying attention to Jenny LaRue over on the sidelines and the ball hit him in the head and knocked him out and your team lost the game so your dad stopped talking to you and that's why your life is where it is today?

Well that's a lot like what happens on Thanksgiving day, except instead of a baseball it's a perfectly roasted turkey, and instead of passing to Jimmy you're passing it to yourself, and instead of watching Jenny LaRue you're busy not-knowing-how-to-carve-a-turkey, and instead of getting knocked out by the ball, you're mangling the turkey meat, and instead of losing the game you're losing at Thanksgiving. The quietly disapproving Dad and life situation are pretty much the same in both situations.


Well never fear—this quick step-by-step slideshow will help you defeat the enemy, win the day, and get the girl (or boy), and feed the family.

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