Texas State Fair: 15 Crazy Fried Foods We're Still Digesting

[Photographs: Ewan Macdonald]

The State Fair of Texas has come and gone (it ended late-October), but its legacy remains. First of all, Big Tex—the fair's beloved mascot—is still being mourned, having tragically caught fire midway through the event. Secondly, and more importantly, thousands of Texans are still full from the fried foods (and drinks—yes, fried drinks) for which the fair is nationally famous.

Fried Bubble Gum

Each year the options run the gamut from corn dogs to fried margaritas, with all stops in between. Fried cookie dough, fried brisket pie, fried chicken skin, fried bubble gum. Sometimes keeping it simple is best, but occasionally the crazier offerings were pretty good.

What lived up to the hype? What should never be dropped in the fryer, so you know to avoid it in 2013? Here are 15 fried foods we tried (some of which we regretted trying) at the State Fair of Texas this year.