Behind the Scenes: Making Crispy Cauliflower in San Diego

[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

Katherine Humphus' crispy brussel sprouts at BO-beau are already legendary in San Diego, and for good reason. The flash-fried sprouts are tossed with plenty of salt and pepper, drizzled with a sweet and tangy balsamic port reduction, and topped with big flakes of parmesan. You'll barely feel like you're eating vegetables.

Katherine says the inspiration came in bits and pieces from multiple sources, but the finishing touch—that glorious reduction—came from a tip from Paul Niles, the chef who helmed the kitchen at Thee Bungalow (which later became BO-beau).


100 Wines and BO-beau chef Katherine Humphus, courtesy photo

There's a similar dish at Katherine's new restaurant, 100 Wines, with cauliflower florets standing in for the sprouts. Other than the veggie substitution, the rest of the dish is identical, down to the plating.

It's a dish with robust flavors, but really once you have the balsamic port reduction ready, this is a stupid-simple dish comes together in minutes.

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