Where to Eat Seafood in Mobile, Alabama

Seafood tastes best by the sea, not only because of the freshness, but because places near the sea have a long history of eating seafood. The culture of Mobile revolves around beautifully cooked seafood. This is a corner of the country where they're pumping out plump wild shrimp, shucking sweet oysters, frying up soft-shell crab, and serving oh-so-many other creatures of the briny deep. So I took one for the team—I ate many more meals a day than a body is built to consume, and from those best bites, I bring you the good eatin' seafood from the carnival city: Mobile, Alabama.

I'll start with a way to get seafood in before even making it from the airport to the hotel after a red-eye flight, and finish with a dish that's served in your average hot dog bun. The spectrum of seafood dishes in Mobile can make any serious eater salivate, so hit the slideshow for some drool-worthy visuals, or just follow the map from soft-shell crab, to stacks of shrimp, and every variety of oyster in between.

The List

Owner's Choice, John Word's Restaurant And Jazz Cafe »
Fried Oysters, Queen G's Café »
West Indies Salad, Wintzell's Oyster House »
Grilled Shrimp Po'boy, Boiling Pot »
Raw Gulf Oysters, Wintzell's Oyster House »
Crawfish Pie, Boiling Pot »
Grilled Gulf Oysters, Wintzell's Oyster House »
Shrimp Loaf, Dew Drop Inn »

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