Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Keen on Quinoa


Quinoa for Breakfast [Photograph: mangotomato]

Our last challenge for Weekend Cook and Tell was for all of you to share your favorite quinoa dishes. We called this Keen on Quinoa. Quinoa seems to be an acquired taste for some. While everyone agrees on its healthful properties, some of our Serious Eaters work around the texture to include it in their diets. The rest of us enjoy its nutty flavor. Here are your top quinoa dishes that quiet the naysayers.

JulietRomeo loves the texture. To add flavor, she cooks it in broth or seasons the water with a bouillon cube. Once cooked, JulietRomeo lays it on a cookie sheet to cool. Her favorite salad with it is like a pico de gallo: diced tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, lime, and if on hand, diced cucumber and black beans. It sounds positively refreshing!

If you're looking for a Quinoa Tabbouli or Quinoa Soup, Ken G is your guy. Right about now, some warm, savory quinoa soup sounds divine. It's getting a little chilly out there and soup is right up our alley.

sharig58 has a recipe that's so good, she makes enough to eat for lunch and dinner. "Mix cooked quinoa with fresh spinach to wilt it. Let cool, and then mix with green and red bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, chickpeas, crumbled feta. In a separate bowl, mix lemon juice with EVOO, dijon mustard, pepper and truffle salt (gives it extra depth). Pour over mixture and enjoy!"

For some, it both provides protein and an alternative to rice. hungrychristel uses it because "mostly because I suck at cooking rice." Her favorite cold quinoa salad is as follows:

- Quinoa, cooked in 1/2 water, 1/2 tomato juice - 3 scallions, diced - 1 red bell pepper, diced - Crumbled feta - Fine-chopped fresh parsley (not dried! no way!) - Fine-chopped kalamatas - S&P

Toss with a dressing of 1/3 lemon juice, 1/3 olive oil, 1/3 rice wine vin (this is for a tarte version, you can do your own) bind with dijon.

juliasalbum prefers to use quinoa whenever her family orders Chinese or Thai takeout. Better nutrition and a bit more texture. She also likes to serve quinoa on the side with her Thai Red Curry Sauce with Chicken.

Finally, mangotomato shows us a different way to eat quinoa - for breakfast! She likes to add orange zest, apples, pecans, cranberries, and milk to her quinoa, stir it together and enjoy. mangotomato suggests you can use this to replace oatmeal. Great suggestion! (just don't tell Erin)

A big thank you to everyone for sharing their keenness for quinoa for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: The Savory Side of Pumpkin