10 Steamed and Boiled Dumpling Destinations in Seattle

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

I love Asian dumplings of all types, but after having more than my fair share of the fried type, I'm looking to go less oily (and more healthy) in trying some steamed and boiled dumplings in the Seattle area. As with the fried dumplings, I'm seeking representatives from a variety of countries, with different types of wrappers, fillings, and dipping sauces.

While I consider all dumplings comfort food, there's something especially soothing about a steamed or boiled dumpling. Maybe it's the softer texture, or maybe it's the lighter feeling that makes me feel like I can eat a ton of them.

Eat a ton I did, ranging inexpensive to elegant, from Din Tai Fung to Dim Sum King, and from Taiwanese to Tibetan. Check the slideshow above to see ten destinations for dumplings of the steamed and boiled variety in the Seattle area.