Crab, Salmon Jerky, Smoked Mussels, and More Bites from the Oregon Coast

[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman]

We found many baskets of fish and chips and a fantastic cup of clam chowder while cruising along the Oregon coast, but that wasn't all. There were smoked mussels, steamed oysters from nearby Netarts Bay, salmon jerky, and many more delicious bites from the sea.

Smoked seafood could be found at markets up and down the coast: smoked oysters, smoked salmon, smoked scallops, smoked mussels, smoked whatever else was caught out in those Pacific waters. Josephson's Smokehouse in Astoria is a smoked fish wonderland, with both cold-smoked and hot-smoked sea creatures that are smoked daily, for sale at the shop or mail-order.

Ever tried salmon collar before? That was another smoked fish highlight, which we found at Bell Buoy in the town of Seaside (great name for a seaside town, right?). Collarbone isn't a cut of fish you see that often. It's the oiliest part of the fish, located right behind the gills. Peel back the fatty skin to find dark, smoky meat that's so intensely oily, my fingers were still glistening even after five napkins.

Mr. Crab, still alive at this point

And let's not forget that crab a guy in hip-high orange wader boots caught for us at Kelly's Marina in Rockaway Beach.

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