Sandwiched: Pressed Stilton, Pear, Date, and Bacon


The greatest column since sliced bread.


I'll have the cheese plate. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

Dessert or cheese plate? I often order both. Dessert, then cheese plate. This is because yes, I am gluttonous, but also because I can never quite settle on whether I want my meal to end on a sweet or a salty note.

By ordering dessert, I get my sugar fix, and the cheese array comes pulls me back into the salty, yet does leave room for adding a little more sweetness if I have another moment of uncertainty. Jams, compotes, fruits—both fresh and dried—as well as toasted nuts and sometimes a leftover heel of crusty baguette from the bread basket.

This sandwich is filled with the odds and ends you might find in a cheese plate. I opted for plump, sticky, jammy Medjool dates, crisp Asian pear slices, smoky bacon, and buttery Stilton. You can substitute the Stilton for your favorite blue cheese, the dates and pear with other dried things, like French apricots, and any varietal of pear or apple. Build your sandwich as you would your cheese plate, then griddle, and eat.