Naomi Duguid's Coconut Sauce Noodles


Coconut Sauce Noodles [Photograph: Richard Jung]



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Poached chicken plus broth and noodles is nothing new. Most of us eat chicken noodle soup on a more than regular basis throughout fall and winter. But Naomi Duguid's Coconut Sauce Noodles in Burma is far from ordinary. In its most basic form, egg noodles are boiled and then dressed with a thick soup of chicken, cracked coconut milk, and shallots.

This version is enjoyable in its simplicity, but the dish really shines when dressed with the optional (but easy to make) fish balls, chile powder, boiled eggs, and sliced shallots. Each of these elements brings bold brightness to temper the rich soup base making for an addictive early fall meal.

Why I picked this recipe: With cold winds beginning to seep through the gaps in my window, a warming noodle soup was just what I needed.

What worked: Everything about this noodle soup was on point. If you make just one dish from Burma, make it this one. You won't regret it.

What didn't: No problems here; these noodles were killer.

Suggested Tweaks: I made a more tricked out version of this dish, but you could certainly simplify things by leaving out the fish balls and hard-boiled eggs, as well as using store bought stock.

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