First Look: Fall Menu at Mozzeria, San Francisco

[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Mozzeria is probably best known for two things: the thin crust pizzas they turn out of their 5,000 pound Stefano Ferrara oven and the unique story of the owners. While both are certainly notable—owners Melody and Russell Stein are deaf as are many of their waitstaff, and their pizzas boast thin, flavorful crusts with good char—it's important not to overlook the rest of their menu. That includes a whole new list of dishes for fall, created by chef Bryan Baker.

The first rule of the new menu seems to be that if a component can be made in-house, it is. That includes a roster of cheeses from ricotta to burrata to mozzarella, as well as pastas like actual butterfly-sized farfalle and plump, ridged gnocchi.


The new dishes are inspired by fall produce and a blend of culinary cultures. For example, the classic Italian pairing of squid with pasta and chilis can be seen in the bowtie pasta with squid two ways (fried and stuffed) and a spicy sambal chili sauce. Another emphasis is on texture: every plate seems to include a layering of soft, creamy, and crunchy components.

Not that the Steins' first love, pizza, isn't always hovering in the background. Chef Baker uses the pizza oven whenever possible, whether it's to roast almonds, add a smoky flavor to apples that will be the base for ice cream, or char onions to make into pasta.

Click through the slideshow to see all the new autumn dishes at Mozzeria.


3228 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (map) (415) 489-0963