Does Anybody Else Put Potato Chips in Sandwiches?




Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

One day Ed rolled into the office with a jar of peanut butter and bread-and-butter pickles. Um, Ed, are you having strange pregnancy cravings? Thankfully not; that'd be weird on many levels. He just wanted to try the odd combo after people had told him how surprisingly good they taste together.

Turns out, they do! The sweet-briny, snappy pickles and the smooth, salty nut butter actually do complement each other, and there we all were making PB&P sandwiches on white bread together.

This got us talking about other odd food combos. Robyn shared her pick: potato chips on sandwiches. "This isn't a particularly weird food combo but during high school I almost always put the potato chips that came with the cafeteria's sandwiches inside the sandwich, which was almost always turkey salad for me. Otherwise the sandwich would just be a bunch of mush. Add potato chips and BOOM, super crunchy awesomer sandwich."

Do you ever add chips to sandwiches? Any other unusual food pairings that should go on this list along with peanut butter and pickles?