Cereal Eats: We Try the Discontinued Oreo O's


[Photograph: Amazon]

When I first started this column, many people asked me when I was going to write about discontinued cereals. Any good cereal obsessive knows that there's pretty much nothing more interesting than a riveting conversation about discontinued cereals. Several well-meaning friends sent me this great list, which of course I've read 100 times and memorized, and every once in a while some nostalgia list pops up on the web that includes a 90's cereal and then suddenly everyone's a cereal fanatic for the moment.

So I had this idea that maybe, with a little hard work and passion, I'd be able to track down one of these discontinued cereals to write about for all the world to see. I mean, I sort of did it with Rice Krispies Treat Cereal, right? Oh, wrong. That was never discontinued, just a little bit hard to find. My next attempt was with Honey Crunch Cornflakes. Turns out I might be the only one that actually cares about those guys, plus they are long gone anyway.

Shall we get down to business? Any serious cereal lover knows that the most loved, mourned and sought after discontinued cereal is Oreo O's.

Last week, my friends, a miracle occurred, involving the far away land of South Korea, and an master cereal lover named Adam.

"Sometimes, late at night, after I've had a really hard day and am in the mood for a good pity party, I get on the Internet and Google "Oreo O's." wrote Adam, in a groundbreaking piece for The Impulsive Buy back in September. Oh Adam, your words echo my life entirely! I cannot tell you (and maybe, shouldn't) the amount of time I've spent searching the web for any trace of this epic cereal. I would wager any serious cereal eater has done the same. Check out this cruel message from Amazon.com:


Really Amazon? And just WHEN MIGHT THAT BE? And that's just the start of it.

There are Facebook groups and petition boards all begging for this cereal to come back. To be honest, much like Adam, I don't totally remember eating this cereal and loving it, but there is something in my that just desperately wanted one more taste. I had finally given up until I received an email from Adam...


A box of the O's had arrived at his doorstep, all the way from South Korea, where the cereal is still being produced. And that beautiful cereal angel sent a bag of Oreo O's my way. We're not worthy!


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

So, after all that, how does it taste? As Adam notes, the O's themselves taste pretty much like the Oreo cookie part. It's not really the best chocolate cereal out there, but there's certainly something unique about it. But the real winner to me are the marshmallows, which are not pleasantly hard like Lucky Charms or Count Chocula, but not unpleasantly gummy like Smorz, but rather soft, squishy and flavorful. Never has a marshmallow added so much to a cereal. A bite of both elements together came so close to the flavor of a real Oreo, I had to bow my head in a moment of sadness that this cereal is no longer available on US shelves. WHY, Post, Why? People love Oreos! I'll just never understand it.

I personally am not an Oreo's and milk person (gasp, I know) but I just get weirded out with the combo of milk and "cream filling". But I will say the I think milk ties this cereal together pretty darn nicely.

Adam was kind enough to send me nearly half of a gallon sized plastic bag of his precious treats, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit I ate the entirely thing at myself, at my desk. I must say,a large part of the appeal and intrigue of Oreo O's is that they are so hard to find, and if that makes me shallow so be it. All I know is, I'm into these O's and wait anxiously for the day they return to our shores.

THANK YOU ADAM, your cereal kindness is above and beyond. This bond of the cereal community is strong!

Who remembers and loves Oreo O's? What discontinued cereal do you miss the most?