Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: The Body on That Buttermilk


Buttermilk Lemon Balm Ice Cream [Photograph: claireOOTO]

Our last challenge for Weekend Cook and Tell was for all of you to share your favorite buttery-milk eats. We called this The Body on That Buttermilk. You could say buttermilk makes it better. Take a look and see what "rich" ideas were shared for your viewing/cooking pleasure.

We start off with a traditional usage of liquid gold. meatballs&milkshakes uses buttermilk in Sage Biscuits to make them light, buttery and delicious.

Robuis finds that the secret to moist German Chocolate Cake involves the buttery stuff. No drinking milk required. Well, maybe a little.

You don't have to add buttermilk TO something to enjoy it. mangotomato enjoys drinking it straight up (which is common in Russia where she grew up). She definitely knows her way around the stuff, as the following appetizing array of recipes were offered: Buttermilk Pancakes with Boozy Persimmons, Adobo Buttermilk Chicken and Onions, Cold Beet Soup with Buttermilk, and Buttermilk Panna Cotta. An entire buttermilk meal!

Finally, claireOOTO finishes things off smoothly - with a smooth as silk Buttermilk Lemon Balm Ice Cream. According to her, it's "mother-flippin delicious." I know I always flip my mother when I'm excited. Seriously, some things are that good. claireOOTO, thank you for posting your recipe and keeping us updated! Checking back on the post for results was a must.

A big thank you to everyone for sharing their velvety smooth recipes for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Drinks in Translation