We Try: New Sriracha Popcorn


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

PSOI (Put Sriracha On It) is a club of which many of us are proud members. Actually, I'm not that proud. I get a little frustrated with myself when the Rooster Sauce ends up on practically everything: on eggs, on mac and cheese, on toast, on noodles, on Sriracha popcorn (more on the last one in a second).

It's just too easy; it's just such a reliable panacea for whatever is entering bland territory. Sure, there's a more interesting option out there—spices and oils and all the rest—but no. Out comes the Sriracha, waiting for us so dutifully in the fridge.


So how could we not try the new Sriracha-flavored popcorn ($6 per bag) from the (Sriracha-obsessed) web comic The Oatmeal and the creators of BaconSalt and Baconnaise. The Oatmeal's blob mascot is pictured on the bag stuffing his face as fiery flames fly from his mouth. This is a bit misleading; the popcorn isn't that spicy, but there is a slow-building tingle if you stop shoving handfuls into your mouth for a second and let it build.

The trademark Sriracha sweetness is there with plenty of butter, a cheese-like tang from the buttermilk and hints of garlic powder and paprika. Each popped kernel is red-coated from all the seasonings. The popcorn turns even redder when you pull out the bottle of Sriracha and decide that it needs to be dipped. Sriracha on Sriracha—yeah, that happened. But the Sriracha-dipping felt necessary because the popcorn wasn't as Sriacha-ly intense as I hoped it would be.

That being said, it's still popcorn which, for any popcorn person, means it's easy to put away six handfuls without even realizing you did.