Let's Talk About Fiber: New Fiber One Nutty Clusters and Almonds

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20120916-fiber-one-box.jpgIt's hard to get excited about the description "Nutty Clusters and Almonds." I don't mean to sound like a snob but my cereal-filled life is over-saturated with granola iterations and nutty cereal varieties.

So I didn't have very high expectations for the shy brown box of Fiber One Nutty Clusters and Almonds cereal, new as it may be. I pushed it around SEHQ for a few days, opting for the goodness of Chex or some hearty Raisin Bran instead. When I depleted those boxes, I had no choice but to give this guy a chance.

Well, I was wrong! Fiber One Nutty Cluster and Almonds is a delicious cereal. The flakes are super thick and grainy, in a satisfying way. Don't expect the paper-thin wisps like Wheaties or the crumbly bran-flakes of Kellogg's Raisin Bran—here you're getting hard, crunchy and well, solid. My only issue with these flakes is the strange glaze of sweetness. There are ample almonds, which work to balance out that odd sweetness. I wish there was a word other than "nutty" to describe the almonds but, what can I say? They are nuts after all.

The granola-like almond clusters rival my beloved bunches in deliciousness and best of all, there are plenty of them. (I'm looking at you, Oat Cluster Cheerios).

Since this cereal packs a serious calorie punch - at 180 per cup - I'll probably use it as a mix-in with a weaker, plainer cereal.

I didn't even realize that Fiber One has put out seven varieties of cereal, not to mention a multitude of snack bars and such—we'll save those for another time. I have a vague memory of trying a couple of them and finding that there was a strange off-putting sweetness that didn't fit. The clusters and almonds, plus the heft of the flakes topped with milk effectively kills that weird sweetness in this variety. I'm less hopeful about varieties with names like "Caramel Delight". But I could be proven wrong once again!

"But, say, Leandra", you might be thinking, "You just spent several paragraphs talking in circles about this cereal and not mentioning the fact that the whole darn thing is about the fiber. What gives?"

Oh! Yes, right, the F word. I suppose I've avoided this long enough.

I've got be honest with you folks: I've been a little embarrassed to chat about fiber cereals. When people ask me "What's your favorite fiber cereal?" I always pause: Do you mean, what flavor I like the most? Or are you asking me which one... works the best? Things can get awkward pretty quickly. So I'm going to do what any good blogger would do: let the comments do the talking. Maybe if you all have the guts to talk fiber, I'll be able to chime in.

Any Fiber One lovers out there? What are your favorite fiber cereals? Come on don't be shy...