My Thai: Thai Corn Fritters (Tod Man Khao Pod)

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[Photographs: Leela Punyaratabandhu]



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If you like the flavor of the classic Thai fish cakes, it's very likely that you will like these little corn fritters as well. They're also seasoned with curry paste and kaffir lime leaves that have been sliced into superfine strips.

You won't get the bouncy, elastic texture of the classic fish cakes in these corn fritters. But what you get is the crispy edges, the slightly chewy interior, and the contrast of textures between puréed and whole corn kernels. While this is a meatless way the lacto-ovo vegetarians amongst us can enjoy the flavor of Thai fish cakes, it's also a delicious appetizer/snack for those of us who do not abstain from meat.


The use of kaffir lime leaves in this recipe may make some of you let out a weary sigh. They're hard to find, I know. I live in big city with a sizable Asian community and many great Asian markets, but I still find it hard to get fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves on a regular basis. So if you cannot find kaffir lime leaves, use Thai basil leaves—sweet basil, if that's all you can find—and these fritters will be just as great, though slightly different.

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